Sha Quan blasts rumour-mongering

March 21, 2023
Sha Quan
Sha Quan

Dancehall artiste Sha Quan is pushing a new single titled Nuh Business, which addresses rumour-mongering and the conflicts that such actions trigger in society.

"The song addresses the epidemic of people running their own mouths about their business to people who they should not share certain intimate details with. A big reason for interpersonal conflicts in Jamaica is about people not minding their business and sharing other people's business," said the artiste, whose given name is Roxanne Genius.

The single was released on the Chase Mills Records label in January. A successful businesswoman, Sha Quan is gearing up to spend more time in the studios and release her first solo EP.

"I have been running multiple businesses, from making unusual steering covers and stylish headboards to running my own clothing store. But this year, I am going all out with my music. I have a lot of things to say about all sorts of topics, and my voice will be heard in 2023," she said.

Seven years ago, Sha Quan was a member of GSP (Gully Side a Peppa Dem), Mavado's dancehall group. She scored her first hit with a feature on the deejay's Murder, which hit the top five on the BBC 1 Xtra dancehall charts. At the time, she generated a lot of attention for her sexy vocals, dancehall flair, edgy outfits and unique fashion sense.

Over the years, she has recorded other singles with Team Steel Music, Chase Mills Records and Icon Entertainment.

Born on March 14, 1992, Sha Quan grew up in Stony Hill, St Andrew, and is a past student of Oberlin High School. She officially started doing music in 2008, when she recorded a number of songs for Voiceful Records and did a few collaborations, before inking a deal with Mavado's label.

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