Pastor Son is now Bin Di Rich

May 24, 2023
Bin Di Rich
Bin Di Rich

Entertainer Bin Di Rich has shifted his focus from dancehall gospel, opting instead to lay down hardcore dancehall songs.

The artiste, formerly known as Pastor Son, said he has not only reinvented himself with a new stage name, but he also has a slew of new dancehall hits on the horizon. One of his upcoming releases features dancehall veteran Tony Matterhorn, who also serves as his road manager.

A native of St Mary, Bin Di Rich said he decided to abandon the name Pastor Son after the tragic loss of his three-year-old son.

"The turning point in my musical journey came when I tried to get support from the Church during my time of grief. I was faced with rejection and was unjustly accused of causing my own son's death due to my musical choice of 'dancehall gospel'. They started rumours, claiming that I made a pact with Baphomet for success in the industry," Bin Di Rich said.

Baphomet is a symbol associated with occultism and devil worship.

Hurt by the claims, which he said are untrue, Bin Di Rich said he decided to just leave the Church and to stop pursuing gospel music.

"Suh right now a dancehall music mi ting deh. Mi still say God 'cause mi have the foundation long time, because mi mother and father a pastor, but mi get too much fight inna di Church," Bin Di Rich said.

The entertainer said he is gearing up to release two new songs, My Son Die, which is produced by Steel Plate Records, and Rich Team, which is produced by Triple M Studios and features Brick Boss and TikTok Boss.

"I am driven by my love for my fans and my late son, Bin Bin. Through my music and business ventures, I am keeping his memory alive," Bin Di Rich said.

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