Empress Divine has the ‘Single Girls Blues’

May 26, 2023
Empress Divine
Empress Divine

Empress Divine knows only too well the pain and heartbreak of being a 'single girl' and that's why her breakout song, Single Girl Blues, is gaining traction.

The track features fellow female singer Black Orchid.

"The inspiration behind Single Girl Blues was built off the frustrations of dating and being single," said Empress Divine.

"The feedback has been amazing so far, it peaked at No. 18 on the Canada iTunes reggae chart. It has also been added to playlists on reggae radio in the United Kingdom, the USA, Jamaica, Australia, and Canada," she added.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Empress Divine's parents are of Jamaican descent. The artiste, whose given name is Natasha Heslop, attended the all-girls school St Joseph Morrow Park. While growing up in the Church and singing in the choir, she developed a passion for music. That passion only heightened when her mother passed away when she was eight years old.

"So I used music as my healing to deal with the pain of her absence," she said. She became a Rastafarian in 2004, and recorded her first song, Jah Lives, in 2012. She is working on releasing an album this year.

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